Our commitments

Our commitments

The South Company is Climatisation is committed to customers who have made a request for quotes or information expressly written via the sudestclimatisation.com website and who really wish to have their equipment installed by us to comply with the obligations defined in the following charter:

1. Have the necessary professional skills within your company, acquired through initial or continuing training, and through a confirmed practice. To be up to date with its legal obligations, and to have legal guarantees explicitly covering all the activities and work it carries out,

2. Advocate for NF PAC materials - or meeting the same requirements - and to relay information from public bodies,

3. Provide the client with an advisory role, assisting them in choosing the solutions best suited to their needs, using a thermal study, taking into account the constraints of the site, the size of the fireplace, and the additional energies available,

4. After visiting the site, submit to the customer a written, detailed and complete description of the installation of a heat pump system, setting a deadline for completion, terms of payment and legal guarantee terms,

5. Inform the client of the necessary procedures, in particular relating to pre-declarations of work, the conditions for granting public aid and the tax incentives in force, as brought to his attention by the association.

6. Once the customer's agreement has been obtained (recorded estimate), carry out the installation ordered in accordance with the applicable professional rules, standards and regulatory texts, according to the requirements,

7. Set up and commission the installation, then proceed to the receipt of the work in the presence of the client. Give him the instructions and all documents relating to the conditions of guarantee and maintenance of the CAP,

8. Give the customer a detailed descriptive invoice (which distinguishes at a minimum the "supply of equipment" and the "labour" position) and complete the service, in accordance with the estimate. In addition, provide any signed certificates that the latter would need to assert his rights to public bonuses and tax credit,

9. In the event of installation malfunctions or operational incidents reported by the customer, commit to respond to the site in a timely manner, and carry out necessary checks and reclamations.

10. On mere notification to favour any control operation over its achievements, for the purpose of examining the conditions for the implementation and implementation of the services.